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Easy Touch

Hypodermic Needles (all sizes)

Hypodermic Needles (all sizes)

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Easy Touch Hypodermic Needles are designed and manufactured with the highest quality levels possible to give you a more comfortable injection experience. They are latex free.

Easy Touch Hypodermic Needles come in a box of 100 hypodermic needles individually wrapped. They fit all standard luer lock and slip fit syringe barrels and offer tried and true safety technology. The Barrel is not included with these needles.


  • Fits all Luer Lock and Luer slip syringes
  • Needle design for maximum patient comfort
  • Film coated for a comfortable injection
  • Anti-coring Technology
  • Tri-Bevel Cut Tip for superior sharpness
  • Electropolished to remove burrs
  • Thin wall for maximum flow

More Information

- The 21G 1” needle is excellent for drawing medication into your syringe. They are quick and don’t do much damage to the rubber top of your medication vial with repeated use.

- The 25G 1” needle is a great all-around needle for those who don’t want to change needle sizes during their medication administration. It draws a little slower than a 21G and is a little longer and larger than the 27G 0.5” needle we typically recommend for medication administration, but you only need the one needle for the entire procedure.

- The 27G 0.5” needle is ideal for testosterone administration. Testosterone has excellent absorption subcutaneously and intramuscularly, so you don’t need a long needle to guarantee deep intramuscular administration. The thin gauge is also much more sustainable for long term with less pain and less scar tissue development.

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