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Easy Touch

Easy Touch 0.5mL (30g) Peptide Syringes

Easy Touch 0.5mL (30g) Peptide Syringes

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Ultra-clear barrel with either mL (TB) or unit (insulin) markings and tri-bevel technology needle.  


  • Sharp Needle Syringe For Comfortable Injection: EasyTouch diabetic needles are made with surgical steel, film-coated, tri-bevel cut, and electro-polished to remove burrs, creating one of the sharpest insulin needles on the market, per STR Labs
  • Easy-Flow Injection Syringe: Utilizing thin-wall cannulas, EasyTouch diabetic syringes feature a thinner wall that reduces the required plunger force and helps large insulin doses flow easily for a smoother, more comfortable injection
  • Better Barrels: EasyTouch insulin syringe barrels are lubricated, boldly marked, and have pronounced flanges to support a smooth and secure injection
  • Quality You Can Trust: EasyTouch syringes with needle are manufactured according to MHC Medical Products’ FDA 510K to allow for the control of each component and ingredient, from the insulin needles' grind to the barrel markings

Recommendation: Use one barrel per medication administration.  Great for peptides and growth hormone administration.

*Price is per box of 100 syringes*

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